Vero – What’s The Big Deal?


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably heard of a new social media app Vero. Well, it’s not actually new it was launch in 2015, but over the last few months Vero has grown in popularity.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Social media users are super frustrated with all the major social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram have recently changed their algorithms, so your feed shows you what it thinks you like. Snapchat has changed its user interface which did nothing but confuse its users. Twitter is full of fake news.

In swoops Vero. Vero is a social media platform that is free of advertisement and has no algorithm, so your feed is in chronological order.

Vero stands for truth. They focus on the point that on current social media platforms you have either a friend or a follower, making users post only what they think is interesting. Whereas Vero enables you to be more selective with who sees your posts. As a result, you can be more authentic.

Thet platform boats that it’s subscription based model, means the user is the customer and not the advertisers. That means the app will operate with the user in mind, not the advertiser.

What’s Vero Like?

Due to the influx of users Vero has been faced with server and technical issues. However, we’re going to put the bugs and technical problems aside for this one. It feels only right and practical to look past this while Vero finds its feet.

Vero is a bit like a mix between Facebook and Instagram. It has an Instagram style feed, but you can post images, URL links, book recommendations, movie recommendations and music you’re listening to.

It doesn’t force cropping when you post images, and you can put URL’s with your images. Things that Instagram doesn’t do.

Will Vero Work for Brands and Business?

There is some debate whether Vero will benefit brands and business due to the way Vero operates, and that’s with the user in mind rather than the business.

My personal opinion is that people still want to follow their favourite brands and influencers. At the end of the day, if your content is good and adds value, people will follow you.

When I joined Vero I saw that GQ magazine had a notable following, so clearly people will follow their interests.

How will Vero make its money?

Whereas the other apps make their money from advertising Vero will be a subscription model. That means users will pay an annual fee. At this point, there is no release of what that cost might be, but it’s believed to be no more expense than two cups of coffee. Due to the recent influx of users Vero stated that its first one million registered users will get Vero free for life.

However, due to the large influx in users, Vero’s serves have been breaking under the strain causing registration problems and problems using the app. Which isn’t surprising to any business owner, but the 2018 consumer is far less forgiving. Currently (02 March 2018), Vero’s website has announced that although Vero has surpassed one million registered users, due to the technical issues users have faced they are extending their free for life offer to all new users until further notice. A smart move.

Should I Get Vero?

It’s more important to manage a few social media platforms well, rather than all of them badly. At this point in time, it at least makes sense to register so you’re eligible for a lifetime free account. Then it also makes sense to play with the app to see if it fits your needs.

Is Vero All Hype?

Not all social media platforms are successful, just look at Google+. Google+ failed to take off for several reasons including trying to copy Facebook and not moving into mobile fast enough. Vero seems to capitalising on the weaknesses of the current Social Media platforms, so it definitely has a fighter’s chance. Only time will tell.

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