Using Live Chat Software on Your Website

Using Live Chat Software on Your Website

In this episode, we look at having live chat on your website.

Live chat is a software programme that allows website visitors to ask you questions and communicate directly with you. We’re a big fan of live chat if you have the resources to use it properly. It’s a great way to open communication with customers. Customers will feel more confident if they know they can communicate with you easily. You’ll also be able to help customers with queries that could lead to a purchase from your e-commerce website or book a meeting if you’re a B2B service business.

However, depending on your business size, time and resources will determine if you should use it and how you use it. Website users who use your chat will expect instant responses or a response in a relatively short timeframe. If they ask a question via live chat that’s turned on and they don’t get a response, it’ll make them lose confidence in your service.

It’s always worth playing with something to see if it suits you. Personally, we use and we’ve had great success with it.

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