Stop Trying To Be Perfect

Stop Trying To Be Perfect

In this episode, we look at perfectionism in marketing and business.

It’s very easy to fall into the perfectionism trap. That is, we put off doing things until they’re perfect. The problem with this is that you’re not moving forward, and you’ll never move forward as nothing is ever perfect.

It’s not uncommon to have excessive meetings to discuss something about marketing before it’s done. We’ve noticed this in mature businesses that are unfamiliar with the speed of today’s marketing world.

Obviously, you’ll likely want to be thorough if you’re spending a large amount of money on a big advertising campaign. However, for the most part marketing needs to fast and nimble. Especially, if you’re a small business.

We’re not saying be careless, but we are saying don’t procrastinate.

“Ready, Fire, Aim”

While you should minimise mistakes, for the most part, mistakes are not the end of the world. Look at this tweet from ASOS, and how they turned a typo into a great piece of marketing.

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