Should you write a book for your business?

Should You Write a Book For Your Business

In this episode, we discuss if you should write a book to help market your business and establish your personal brand.

With the ease of producing eBooks and self-publishing, it became very popular to write a book about your field of expertise and establish yourself as a leader. However, writing a 150 to 200 page book is no easy task.

If you are considering writing a book it doesn’t need to be a huge book. You can write a short 25 to 50 page eBook.

If you’re writing a book just for marketing or to educate your clients about your business, there are probably better things you can be doing. Remember a book should add value to the reader in some way, whether that’s educational or entertaining.

However, if you want to write a book because you have something valuable to share or you really want to. Then we think you should do it.

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