Personal Brand Vs Business Brand

Personal Brand vs Business Brand

In this episode, we look at personal brand vs business brand.

In summary, building a personal brand has a lot of benefits if you’re in the B2B sector and people buy from you personally. For example, a recruitment consultant who works with clients and candidates in a highly competitive market. In this case, a personal brand can propel you ahead of your competitors. A personal brand is also great you are an employee looking to grow your career.

However, if you own the business and you’re short on time. Then we suggest building your business brand as a priority. You can sell your business brand, but you can’t sell your personal brand. Your personal brand ends with you, your business brand can continue long afterward. Once your business brand is established and you have time, then enhancing your personal brand is going to help you open more doors.

If you’re in the B2C sector and you own the company, there is much less need to build a personal brand. You should focus on building your business brand. However, again if you’re in B2C but you’re an employee wanting to climb the career ladder, a personal brand is a good way of enhancing your profile.

As with B2B, if your B2C brand is established, then you can start to focus on your personal brand too as it will provide more opportunities for you.

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