Drew Cockton – Founder of Owen Drew Luxury Candles

rew Cockton - Owen Drew Candles

In this episode, Andrew sits down with Drew Cockton the founder of Owen Drew Luxury Candles.

Drew created Owen Drew in 2016 after noticing the damage mass-produced candles were doing to his home. Drew, being a creative entrepreneur, decided that home fragrance should be better. He discovered that mass-produced candles are made from petroleum-based paraffin wax. They are often heavily dyed and fragranced with synthetic scents containing parabens and toxins.

So, Drew got busy making his own candles from only natural products. He sourced vegan, soy wax and began blending it with essential oils to create his own fragranced candles. Not using any colouring or dyes he wanted to make the candles stand out from the crowd, so used a natural wooden wick. Owen Drew candles crackle when they burn, which has been a big hit with customers.

Drew’s story isn’t plain sailing. We talk about his business failures, struggles and mental health. And how Drew has used these experiences and situations to make Owen Drew a success.

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