Brand & Patient Experience for Dentists

What it is

The right marketing will attract patients, but a great Dental Practice and Patient Experience is what keeps them. With smart phones easily to hand, patients can find a new dentist in a matter of seconds. 

We will work with you to fully understand your Dental Practice from your culture to your operations. We’ll analyse the data, speak to your patients, speak to your employees and go through the patient journey. Then we’ll assess the feedback and provide you with insights and recommendations for operational improvements. Improvements that keep and delight your patients and enhance your brand.

Even the best marketing strategy won’t keep your customers if the patient experience is below expectations. The operations of your Dental Practice must align with your brand across the entire patient experience.

We’ll work with you to ensure everything is aligned from operations to marketing.

Why us?

We’re different from other agencies. We understand brand and marketing from a wholistic business point of view and not as separates function or departments.

For marketing to work successfully your whole business needs to operate in alignment so that you can delight your customers. We will tell you if you need to work on operational problems before wasting a penny on any marketing activities.

Our team has worked in both industry and in professional consulting, working with small, medium and billion-pound turnover companies, before specialising in the Dental industry.

Our brand experience consultancy for dentists will rapidly identify opportunities and areas for improvement in your Dental Practice. Opportunities that’ll attract and retain your patients who will also shout about your brand.

The process

We use a four-stage approach to analyse and enhance your brand experience and patient journey.

Analyse: in this stage we identify with you where your brand currently stands and where you want your brand to be. This means getting deep into your brand values, company culture and understanding how you want your dental practice to be perceived by your patients, employees and partners.

To get from your current position to your ideal state, we use a range of tried and tested tools to identify what changes need to be made to your dental practice and which changes will have the highest impact. We do this by analysing data, speaking to patients, speaking to staff and exploring the patient journey.

Together, we’ll identify the issues in the patient journey and what barriers your employees face in delivering an on-brand service. From this we’ll develop potential solutions or changes that need to be made to take your dental brand to your ideal position.

Test: in this stage we focus on testing the potential solutions on a small scale to see if they deliver the expected results. Some solutions may not need rigorous testing and common sense can be applied in these circumstances.

Review: In this stage, we review the test results and whether the solutions could be improved in any way.

Implement: Once we’ve identified the solutions are delivering the right results, we’ll take it from a test environment to full implementation. We’ll work with you to embed the solutions and ensure they sustain. The end results will be operations, processes, technology and behaviours that are in line with your dental practice brand.

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What next?

1. Talk

We’ll start out by speaking on the phone followed by a meeting to fully understand your needs, goals and challenges. We'll also see if we're the right agency for you. No selling, just advice.


We'll turn your requirements, objectives and goals into an easily understandable proposal, which describes the details of the programme.


We review the proposal together and make any necessary changes. Once you’re happy and have approved the programme we can start working with you.


We work together to achieve your brand and patient experience goals.